Washer Repair

Washer Repair Services in Innisfil and GTA

Is the dirty laundry piling high? Maybe the washer is leaking and the water is all over the floor. It’s time to call in the professionals. Most families today are enjoying the comforts and conveniences of having a washing machine in their homes. We are able to do our dirty clothing, linens, and a variety of other items simple by programming them and pressing a few buttons. Unfortunately, we often take these fabulous machines for granted. Eventually we may experience a wide range of problems with them, when they are not cared for properly.

So whenever they stop operating properly, it’s probably time to contact the Appliance Repair Doctor for washer repair services in Bowmanville, Bradford, and Innisfil. We can provide regular and emergency services, which will correct any issue that may arise. Our technicians can also help prevent any potential problems from occurring with a customized preventative maintenance plan. Our plans are tailored to the needs of your home.

An Ounce of Preventative Maintenance

Most individuals neglect or overlook the need for preventative maintenance and washer repair plans. These plans can improve energy efficiency by 20% or more. And they reduce your repair and potential replacement costs by up to 90%. Furthermore, and in addition to these savings, improved efficiency will also save you money every month on your utility bills. You will simply be using less energy. These customizable maintenance and repair plans can be tailored to address the needs of your household.

Common Washing Machine Problems

Our technicians are factory trained and certified in the installation, maintenance, and repair of the four styles of washing machines available on the market today including:

  • combination units
  • compact washers
  • front loaders
  • top loaders

With such a wide range of washing machine options being available, it’s easy to see why they can develop numerous problems over time. If you notice any of these issues, and you live in Ontario, contact the Appliance Repair Doctor for washer repair service immediately:

  • clothes are still soapy feeling
  • doesn’t spin properly if at all
  • excessive vibration
  • no agitation
  • spots left on clothes after wash cycle is completed
  • there’s no cold water
  • washer is leaking
  • water doesn’t drain
  • won’t turn on

We’ve Got the Replacement Parts You Need

Rest assured, no matter what type of problem you are having, our highly skilled washer repair technicians can quickly identify what is wrong; and recommend the best solution. With a fully stocked service van of genuine replacement parts, they can easily fix the problem with any of the following:

  • agitator assemblies
  • belts
  • transmissions
  • drive spindles
  • lid switches
  • pressure switches
  • wigwag lifters/plungers
  • pumps
  • solenoids
  • transmission mode levers

There’s no reason to let laundry keep piling up in your home because you need washer repair services. With quick response service, quality workmanship and excellent customer care, you won’t be disappointed. Why not call the Appliance Repair Doctor today and discuss your needs with one of our repair specialists.