We know it’s never pleasant when one of your major appliances isn’t working properly or quits working altogether. It can be quite unpleasant when you lose the comforts and conveniences that they provide, not to mention the way in which it can disrupt the entire household overall. That is why whenever you have appliance problems that you should always contact the Appliance Repair Doctor to service them and get them back up and running. Our company has helped households throughout the Greater Toronto Area by keeping their homes up and running.

The Importance of Professional Appliance Repair

It may sound like a stretch, but without the many conveniences that they provide, we could be hand washing our laundry or using an open fire to cook all of our meals. That doesn’t sound very appealing does it? Suffice it to say, our appliances play a critical role in keeping our homes safe and stress-free. They make life considerably easier and play an integral role in our daily lives. So whenever one or more them malfunction or stop working, things can get pretty chaotic and inconvenient.

Consequently, the importance of professional appliance repair services cannot be overstated. Whether it’s the installation, maintenance, or repair of your appliances, the Appliance Repair Doctor is always prepared to help keep your home running more efficiently. Unfortunately, none of these machines are perfect and eventually, there are going to be problems that need to be addressed. When that time comes, you can rely on the affordable, trustworthy repair services that we have provided our customers with.

How long do Appliances last?

The life of any household appliance depends on two important factors namely, how much you use it and whether or not you have it maintained and serviced on a regular basis. Furthermore, it’s important to understand how long your appliance should last. Based on nationwide averages, here is a breakdown of the 5 major appliances and the estimated life expectancy of each:

Clothes dryers – electric 14 years / gas 13 years
Dishwashers – 9 years
Ovens / ranges – electric 13 years / gas 15 years
Refrigerators – 14 years
Washing machines – 12 years

Although we recommend regular preventative appliance maintenance to extend the lifespan of these marvelous machines, it will eventually get to a point where making repairs is no longer economically feasible. When the time comes to replace any of your home appliances, the Appliance Repair Doctor is available for appliance installation.

Repair or Replacement – 3 Factors to consider

Our technicians are factory certified and licensed in all facets of electric and gas clothes dryer repair, dishwasher repair, electric and gas oven / range repair, refrigerator repair, and washer repair. We also specialize in professional appliance installation and can customize a preventative appliance maintenance plan that is tailored to your specific needs as well as those of your family.

If you have reached that point where you need to decide repairing an appliance one more time or just purchasing a replacement, there are 3 factors you want to consider:

Age of the appliance – this is one of the primary factors to consider when you are deciding between repair and replacement. The information in the previous section above will enable you determine whether or not your appliance has exceeded its estimated life expectancy.

Cost of replacementAppliance Repair Doctor technicians will never recommend replacing any appliance unless it no longer makes sense to invest in repairs. We will usually recommend replacing your appliances once the cost to repair them exceeds 35% of the appliance’s original cost.

Warranty coverage – along with age and cost of replacement, there is a chance that you can have your appliances repaired at no charge if they are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If they are not, and the previous 2 factors apply, then the replacement of your appliance is most likely.

We can be of assistance where making the decision between repair and replacement is concerned. One of our knowledgeable specialists is always available to answer your questions if needed.

Additional Considerations regarding Repair vs. Replacement

Here are some additional considerations to be aware of when deciding between the repair and replacement of the appliance. Consider repairing your appliances whenever:

  • It is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty
  • It will extend the appliance’s lifespan another few years
  • It is a minor problem and the repairs are still cost-effective

However, when repairing the appliance no longer makes sense, replacement becomes your only option. Typically, you should replace your appliance whenever:

  • It is an extensive problem and the repairs will cost more than 35% of its original price
  • It is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty
  • It is technologically obsolete and very difficult to find replacement parts for it

As an additional suggestion, if it is time to replace one or more of your appliances, you should consider two things. First, purchase an extended manufacturer’s warranty and second, talk to an Appliance Repair Doctor specialist regarding our customizable preventative appliance maintenance plans that works in conjunction with the extended manufacturer’s warranty.

Signs indicating the Necessity of Repair or Replacement

You can always save time and money on a service call by knowing when an appliance is in trouble. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following:

Clothes dryer – clothing gets marked or torn and takes too long to dry or dryer emits loud noises, shakes violently, or won’t tumble

Dishwasher – bottom of the machine is rusty, dishes are still dirty after washing, soap and water are leaking out, water doesn’t get hot

Oven / range – burner jets do not light completely, oven doesn’t heat up to temperature setting, oven emits sparks, and oven clock, dials, and displays don’t work

Refrigerator – condensation is accumulating on the seals, food isn’t cold enough, inside has a frost build-up, fridge is humming, water has pooled behind and underneath the fridge

Washer – doesn’t drain, emits a burning odor, makes a whining noise, stops spinning, takes forever to fill

If any of these warning signs become apparent, contact the Appliance Repair Doctor as soon as possible before these problems become more serious.