Microwave Repair

Professional Microwave Repair Services

When microwave ovens were first introduced onto the market, the preparation of foods was dramatically changed by considerably reducing the amount of heating time that was required. Suffice it to say, you would be hard-pressed not to find this appliance in most kitchens today. It’s also a safe bet that you can extend the life of your microwave with regular care and maintenance. At the Appliance Repair Doctor, we provided this service.

Our microwaves are truly a modern technological miracle. They make your foods readily accessible by heating them up as quickly as they do. Our microwave repair and preventative maintenance plans will ensure that your microwave continues to operate as energy efficiently as possible. We are here to fix any problem that may arise from heating improperly to sparking. Since they are powered electrically, ensuring a properly serviced and maintained appliance, on a regular basis, will save you money on repair costs and utility bills.

Helpful Care Tips

Believe it or not, you don’t always need to contact the Appliance Repair Doctor for microwave repair service in, Bowmanville, Bradford, and Innisfil. The following are eight (8) helpful care tips that do not require professional assistance:

  • avoid slamming the door when closing it
  • don’t heat water in your microwave*
  • if possible, plug the appliance into a surge protector
  • keep the interior of your microwave clean
  • never operate your microwave when it’s empty
  • replace common parts such as charcoal filters, lightbulbs, turntables, etc.
  • use only dishware that is rated as “microwave safe”
  • use your preset cooking times for better energy efficiency

(* Heating water in a microwave can cause “superheating”, a condition that exists when the water temperature exceeds the boiling point but doesn’t appear to be boiling. Upon touching the cup or glass, the water could burst suddenly and violently, causing anyone who is nearby to be burned severely.)

However, following these helpful tips can go a long way to extending the life of your microwave, and ensuring its safe operation in the process. It is important not to neglect any signs of malfunction as electrical appliances can short-circuit and that can be hazardous.

Four Types of Microwave Ovens

There are four (4) different types of microwave ovens that are available on the market today that the Appliance Repair Doctor has experience working with. These include:

  • built-ins
  • countertop
  • drawer style
  • over-the range

While each one has its advantages, our microwave repair services can be helpful if you should have problems with any of those styles. It’s important to understand the power wattages of different microwaves. The wattage can impact how evenly and quickly you can cook certain foods. For more information regarding microwave repair services in the Ontario, please contact us at Appliance Repair Doctor at your earliest convenience. Let us show you how we can have your home and appliances operating efficiently. Call us now!