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Are you having problems with your dishwasher, oven and range, refrigerator, or washer and dryer? Maybe they aren’t operating efficiently and they just need minor repairs and some preventative appliance maintenance. Before you decide to purchase a new one and go reaching for your checkbook or credit card, call the Appliance Repair Doctor for appliance repair in Innisfil. Contrary to what you might be thinking, your appliances may still have years left on their lifespans that a simple repair could enable.

If your household appliances are not performing efficiently, they will start using more energy to compensate. You know what results when appliances start doing that, don’t you? That’s exactly right. Your monthly utility bills go through the roof! Before that happens, have one of our technicians to come to your house, inspect your appliance, identify and diagnose the problem, and recommend a solution. It may not be time to start worrying about purchasing a replacement yet. Get a professional opinion first.

Why should you trust the Appliance Repair Doctor?

That’s easy to answer. When the Appliance Repair Doctor was established, we’ve evolved from a small, local service provider into a company that has the most expansive coverage area in the GTA and southern Ontario. We now have over three decades of combined years of experience and expertise in our field and are now recognized as one of the most reputable and trustworthy companies in this region. So we know a thing or two about appliance repair in Innisfil.

What can You expect from the Appliance Repair Doctor?

We have built our reputation on the three core principles of ethical business practices, honesty, and integrity. Furthermore we are dedicated to providing every customer with the following three benefits:

Honest, flat-rate pricing – we give you a total price quote right up front. You know what your repairs are going to cost you before we ever start working. That way, you’ll never have to worry about any unpleasant surprises (e.g. additional charges, hidden fees, etc.) when you get the bill, unlike with our competitors.

Parts and labor always guaranteed – we cannot install anything but factory authorized original parts when repairing your appliances. These are all backed by the individual manufacturer’s warranty and if anyone ever fails, it gets replaced at NO CHARGE to you. Additionally, we stand behind our workmanship and back that with the Appliance Repair Doctor 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Service that accommodates YOUR schedule, not ours – many of our competitors will give you a 4 to 6-hour window when you can expect their technician to arrive. We don’t do that. Our flexible appointment setting enables us to accommodate YOUR schedule. Plus, our technician will give you a courtesy call when they are en route. We have a 98%+ on-time appliance repair in Innisfil arrival rate to uphold.

With our company, it goes above and beyond appliance repair. For us, it’s all about meeting or exceeding your expectations and giving you the respect you deserve.

Available Services

We provide one of the most comprehensive lines of services for those of you who are looking for high-quality appliance repair. Call the Appliance Repair Doctor for:

Clothes dryer repair – when clothes are not drying, take too long to dry, or are getting marked and torn; dryer emits loud noises, shakes violently, or won’t tumble

Dishwasher repair – when dishes come out dirty after wash cycle, door latch isn’t secured properly, rust is accumulating at base of dishwasher, soap and water are leaking out, water doesn’t get hot enough

Oven / range repair – when clocks, dials, and displays aren’t working; flame is not coming out of all burner jets; oven doesn’t reach the temperature setting, door doesn’t close properly, or it is sparking inside

Refrigerator repair – when condensation accumulates on the seals, food isn’t cold enough, fridge is making a humming sound, frost can be seen on the fridge’s interior, water is pooling up behind and underneath the fridge

Washer repair – when the drum takes too long to fill; washer is emitting a burning odor, making whining noises, not draining, or stopped working

All of these are warning signs that indicate a wide array of problems are present. If any of these sound familiar, it may be time to contact the Appliance Repair Doctor for appliance repair in Innisfil.

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