Dryer Repair

Expert Dryer Repair Services

Most individuals purchase the more energy-efficient clothes dryers that are available on the market today. Two factors to consider are: how well the appliance will facilitate the needs of the household, and if it is capable of handling these demands on a regular basis. While every consumer is different in their brand name preferences, they look for specific features such as:

  • shorter drying cycles
  • quieter, smoother operation
  • energy efficiency
  • automatic sensors

So if you experience problems with your appliance, the name you can trust for clothes dryer repair in Bowmanville, Bradford, and Innisfil is the Appliance Repair Doctor. For years, we have provided the highest quality installation, maintenance, and repair services throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and southern Ontario. Our service covers for all major brand name appliances.

Comfort and Convenience

Your clothes dryer provides a great deal of comfort and convenience for handling your tedious laundry tasks. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you still had to hang your clothing on a clothesline every time you did a load of laundry? Now imagine that you have a large family and have to do that every day of the week. Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? Eventually, you may have to face this dilemma if your clothes dryer is not maintained in proper fashion.

A customizable preventative maintenance plan from the Appliance Repair Doctor can be tailored to the needs of your household. Regular maintenance could add extra years to the life of your appliances, and ensure that they operate at peak efficiency. The most important benefit of these plans is the savings you will enjoy. You may have fewer clothes dryer repair costs and lower utility bills. Statistics have shown that you could avoid over 90% of repair costs and increase the energy efficiency of your dryer by up to 20%.

Common Dryer Problems

Whether you have electric clothes dryer or one that operates using natural gas, there are certain problems that are common to both types including:

  • dryer doesn’t generate enough heat
  • dryer doesn’t run
  • dryer drum doesn’t spin properly
  • dryer overheats

There are common issues that we experience in Innisfil and Bowmanville, as well as other cities throughout the GTA. The Appliance Repair Doctor can provide genuine replacement parts such as:

  • belts
  • fuses
  • heating coils
  • idler pulleys
  • motors
  • rollers
  • sensors
  • temperature switches
  • thermostats
  • timers

Our regularly scheduled clothes dryer repair and maintenance plans can help you avoid additional repair costs, inconvenient breakdowns, and safety issues. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company and that covers you in case there is a mishap at your home. Consider us as your one-stop appliance repair service. We are available at your convenience.

Most importantly, these customizable plans can be tailored to address you and your family’s specific needs. Call us for more information regarding our quality, processes and prices. Or, to know specifically about clothes dryer repair services in Bowmanville, Bradford, and Innisfil, contact the Appliance Repair Doctor today.