Appliance Maintenance

Preventative Appliance Maintenance Plans for Residents Living in the Cities of Ontario

Our home appliances enable us to keep our busy schedules in the home on track. And they ensure that we have a comfortable, convenient, and safe living environment. Needless to say, the newer appliances that are available on the market today involve a sizeable investment where repairs are concerned. So it’s important to ensure that they are always operating as efficiently as possible. Consequently, the Appliance Repair Doctor provides preventative appliance maintenance plans for residents of Bowmanville, Bradford, and Innisfil.

The Need for Preventative Maintenance Plans

Today’s home appliances are available in a wide range of choices. Yet, it is the advanced technologies involved that warrant purchasing a preventative appliance maintenance plan. Instead of running out to purchase a new appliance when you experience a breakdown; an easy, inexpensive repair may possible to be all that is needed. Furthermore, you may want to contact the Appliance Repair Doctor and discuss your needs where a preventative maintenance plan is concerned.

Avoid Stress and Save Money

You should consider how one of our preventative maintenance plans may help you to avoid a lot of unnecessary inconvenience and stress around the house. We make it easy for you to maintain your appliances. Our company will make all the necessary adjustments or “tune-ups” to your appliances; during our regularly scheduled visits to your home. When you consider the minimal monthly investment involved, the long-term savings on repair, replacement and utility bills, far outweigh the expense of regular maintenance.

The Benefits of Preventative Appliance Maintenance

There are a number of benefits that come with Appliance Repair Doctor preventative appliance maintenance for residents:

Extended lifespan – The average lifespan of a home appliance ranges between 9 and 16 years’ depending on the particular type of appliance (i.e. clothes dryer, oven, etc.). Our preventative maintenance plans will ensure greater longevity of your appliances. It decreases the frequency of repairs while helping you save on replacement costs.

Improved energy efficiency – A preventative maintenance plan from the Appliance Repair Doctor will save you money by ensuring that your appliances are operating at peak efficiency. In turn, this reduces energy consumption and will lower your monthly utility bills by up to 20%.

Increased comfort and convenience – Our appliances provide us with a great deal of home comfort and convenience. All you need to do is consider how frustrating and time consuming your daily tasks would be, without these modern appliances, that we have grown to rely on. A preventative appliance maintenance plan will make your life easier. One of our skilled technicians will regularly check on the appliances to ensure that there is no malfunction and if there is a chance that the appliance needs repairs, we’ll get it done quickly.

For additional information regarding our preventative maintenance plans, emergency services, or to schedule an appointment for in-home service, contact the Appliance Repair Doctor today. Call and let us help you get more information on the details and prices of our services.