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Our major appliances play a significant role in our households by providing us with a number of comforts and conveniences. At the same time they make several of our daily household tasks considerably less tedious. Most importantly, they transform our homes into safer and stress-free living environments. Yet we are guilty of overlooking their importance and frequently take them for granted – until they break down or function improperly – and then our homes are thrown into utter chaos.

Whether it’s your kitchen or laundry room appliances, maintaining and servicing them on a regularly scheduled basis is vital to their performance and longevity. From your dishwasher to your washer / dryer combo, it is important that they continue to operate as efficiently as possible in order to keep our homes running smoothly day in and day out. So whenever you need to entrust the care and maintenance of your appliances to an expert service, the Appliance Repair Doctor is the company you can rely on.

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To Repair or Replace - That is the Question.

Our major appliances have different life expectancies. For instance, a dishwasher’s life expectancy is 9 years while a gas oven and range can last up to 15 years. So it’s very importance to know how long each of your appliances will hopefully last. No matter what statistics say, you will eventually be facing the decision to repair an appliance or replace it. It’s ironic that some people automatically assume that they need to purchase a new appliance when only a simple, inexpensive repair is all that is required at times.

However, it is inevitable that repairing that old refrigerator or washing machine is no longer economically feasible. So how can you tell the difference between the need for repairs or replacement? Here is a quick break down:

Repair your appliances in order to fix a minor problem, to increase their lifespan, or when they are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Replace your appliances when the cost to repair it exceeds 35% of the replacement cost, when the appliance is technologically obsolete, or when it is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

At the Appliance Repair Doctor, our technicians will never recommend replacement unless it is the only option and another repair will not last that long before additional problems arise for the customer.

Why should You choose the Appliance Repair Doctor?

While there are a number of different characteristics and qualities that all appliance repair companies should have in common, there are certain ones that separate the Appliance Repair Doctor from the competition including:

Honest, flat-rate price quotes – we don’t wait until we’re finished repairing your appliance to add extra charges and hidden fees. Instead, we quote you a flat (not hourly) rate right up front so you’ll know what you are going to pay before we ever get started repairing your appliance.

We work around your schedule – in many households today, you see both spouses and even some older teens holding down jobs in order to support the household. With all of these home and work responsibilities that you have to deal with, you don’t have 4 to 6 hours to wait for a technician. Your time is a valuable commodity. That’s why we offer more flexible scheduling for the customer.

We are dedicated to providing a superior level of customer and service when installing, maintaining, or repairing your appliances. Our goal is to do the job right the first time and not leave you unsatisfied. That’s why you will always have a qualified expert doing the work required on your appliances. For more information about our comprehensive line of appliance repair services or to schedule your first appointment, please contact the Appliance Repair Doctor at your earliest convenience.

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